Elements/Direct & CoCreate

3D Copilot Features
(Đăng ngày 22-3-2014 11:36 PM GMT+7)

 In this short video, you will learn how to preselect a part, position a part with 3D Copilot Snapping, copy a part and position with snapping, then move a face and snap the location of that face to the same position as another part.

Using Relative Measurements
(Đăng ngày 22-3-2014 11:22 PM GMT+7)

 Relative measurements offer an alternate method to locate 2-D point for creating 2-D geometry.

Creating an Arc with the line command
(Đăng ngày 22-2-2014 9:05 AM GMT+7)

 This tutorial demonstrates the creation of Arcs within a Line command without releasing the tool.

Modifying Patterns
(Đăng ngày 2-1-2014 10:23 PM GMT+7)

Process starts with hole pattern that needs to be modified. This video demonstrates how to exclude parts of the pattern and add additional features using the Punch command.

Creo Elements/Direct 18.0 Enhancement--Unfold and Refold extensions
(Đăng ngày 3-12-2013 12:04 AM GMT+7)

Cylindrical sheet metal parts with bend angle between 180° and 360° can be folded and unfolded by the Roll Bending process capability. Shop data (Sheet Metal product, only) include K-factor information. Unfold Parts and Refold Parts are extended to support multiple part modifications in one step.

Positioning Parts 1
(Đăng ngày 3-12-2013 12:04 AM GMT+7)

This demo shows how to move a part on/near another part in the assembly. The first method shows positioning by two points: one point on the part to be moved; second point on the other part. The second method demonstrates moving a part by direction length relative to another part in the assembly.

Pulling for Machine
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2013 12:01 AM GMT+7)

This tutorial demonstrates the create-in-place and the use of 3D CoPilot with a Machine operation.

Blending Options Step 2
(Đăng ngày 25-8-2013 9:22 PM GMT+7)

 This demo shows two tasks related to blending a part. The first task shows blending a cylinder using the On Sharp Edge option that allows the blend to run into and form on the part's sharp edge. 

Positioning Standard Parts
(Đăng ngày 27-7-2013 3:25 PM GMT+7)

Standard parts, such as standard hardware, can be loaded and placed into a design. This video demonstrates the loading and positioning of a part in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling using Part Library.

Using Model Manager
(Đăng ngày 29-6-2013 9:17 AM GMT+7)

This video highlights the simple data management use model of Model Manager

Creo Elements/Direct 18.0 Enhancement--Advanced rectangle creation options
(Đăng ngày 29-6-2013 9:16 AM GMT+7)

The rectangle command now provides options to create rectangles that extend symmetrically in U, V, or both workplane direction, or slanted rectangles that are not parallel to the U-/V-axes. Also, a Slot option has been added.

Shell a set of faces to extend an existing shell
(Đăng ngày 28-5-2013 9:07 PM GMT+7)

This video will shows you how to use Shell a set of faces to extend an existing shell. Shell Faces is typically used if a previously shelled model is extended by additional geometric features such as bosses. User can now select these additional faces, specify an offset, and apply the Shell Faces operation to extend the shell.

Stretching a Lip
(Đăng ngày 28-5-2013 9:07 PM GMT+7)

This demo shows two tasks related to stretching a lip of a sheet metal part. The first task shows how to stretch a lip without moving an adjacent face. The second task of this demo shows how to stretch a lip and shift any adjacent faces. These tasks highlight the effect of checking or un-checking the Adjacent and Relief Faces check-box in the Stretch Lip dialog box.

Loading Data 2
(Đăng ngày 28-5-2013 9:06 PM GMT+7)

This video demonstrates the searching and loading of data from Model Manager into Elements/Direct Modeling

Hatching of Cap Faces in Clipped Models
(Đăng ngày 16-5-2013 9:37 PM GMT+7)

Independent of the cap color, clipping faces are hatched. Since clipped model areas are clearly marked with hatch patterns, user can keep the original model colors for cap faces for a more intuitive visual representation.