Checking Out and Modifying CAD Documents
(Đăng ngày 15-7-2013 10:28 PM GMT+7)

 John needs to increase the pitch of the angled surface on the tip of the chuck 510 part. To accomplish this he needs to check out the part and alter the model geometry.

Highlights of the Windchill Help Center
(Đăng ngày 15-7-2013 10:28 PM GMT+7)

This video shows the highlights of the Windchill Help Center. In addition, you will learn how to personalize the help center and find the information you need quickly.

Creating Documents
(Đăng ngày 7-6-2013 11:50 PM GMT+7)

Erica Hill has created a Microsoft Word document called Drill Safety Manual. To make her document available to other users, Erica wants to add her document to the Documentation folder of the Drill - 400 Series product. In the exercise, you take the role of Erica Hill as she creates a document to store the drill safety manual file.