Designing Components in Assembly
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:45 PM GMT+7)

 In this procedure, you insert a new part, create a base feature, and reposition it. You then create geometry using existing assembly geometry. Finally, you use the Move and Rotate tool to modify two parts at once.

Removing Material and Specifying the Side
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:44 PM GMT+7)

 In this procedure, you add material and remove material for a revolve feature. You then automatically add and remove material for a revolve feature. Finally, you automatically add and remove material for an extrude feature.

Sketching with Pictures
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:43 PM GMT+7)

 This demo shows how to use an imported picture to sketch a 2-D profile for a model. After an image has been imported onto a workplane, simple 2-D tools such as the Line/Arc tool, can be used to trace over parts of the imported image. These sketches can then be leveraged during the creation of 3-D models.

Selection and Functionality Tips for PTC Creo Direct
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:41 PM GMT+7)

 PTC Creo Direct - Tips And Tricks as presented during the Tips and tricks session during PTC Live Global 2014

Getting Started With Creo Direct
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:40 PM GMT+7)

 A quick introduction to Creo Direct's User Interface.

Assembling Components Using Creo Direct
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:39 PM GMT+7)

 In this tutorial you will learn how to assemble components in Creo Direct by creating constraints with the live toolbar.

New PTC Creo Direct Options
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:38 PM GMT+7)

 New PTC Creo Direct Options.

Usability Enhancements
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:37 PM GMT+7)

 There are many enhancements to usability.

Increased Support for Import
(Đăng ngày 27-6-2015 10:36 PM GMT+7)

 You can import additional CAD formats.

Support for Cross Sections
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:16 PM GMT+7)

 There is support for cross sections.

Creating Components Workflows
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:13 PM GMT+7)

 There are new workflows for creating components.

Improved Control Over Component and Object Visibility
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:12 PM GMT+7)


You can control visibility from the Model Tree.
Substitute Faces
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:11 PM GMT+7)

 You can use Substitute Faces to replace one or more surfaces.

Enhanced Move and Rotate
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:10 PM GMT+7)


Move and Rotate is enhanced to provide prioritized alternative geometric solutions and a richer set of options including the handling of side faces and linear pull.
Controlling Tangency
(Đăng ngày 2-6-2015 9:08 PM GMT+7)

 After a tangency situation is detected, there are options available for controlling it.