Parametric 3.0

Getting Started with Freestyle Part 2 of 2
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2017 8:01 PM GMT+7)

This tutorial is a continuation of Getting Started with Freestyle Part 1 of 2. In this tutorial we will complete the design of the detergent bottle by creating a fully defined 3D digital design

Configuring the Drawing Environment
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2017 7:59 PM GMT+7)

When a drawing is created, Creo uses a drawing setup file (dtl file) to set all the options. You need to create a new drawing setup file (dtl file) that is unique to your company and your drawing standards. That dtl file should contain the settings for options including font, text, size, and arrow length. If you have already done this for existing drawings you should be able to leverage this already-created drawing setup file.

Tutorial Creating Driven Dimension Annotations
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2017 7:57 PM GMT+7)

In this procedure, you create driven dimensions using On Surface, Center, On Entity, and Offset references. You then clean up the dimensions and pose the model. You also create driven dimensions for holes and chamfers.

Creating New Combined States for MBD
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2017 7:55 PM GMT+7)

In this procedure, you create combined states using the view manager, Annotate ribbon tab, and combined state tabs.

Tutorial Sequential Motion Analyses
(Đăng ngày 8-10-2017 7:51 PM GMT+7)

You can start a motion analysis by using the initial conditions from the playback of another motion analysis. Use kinematic where possible and connected to dynamic when needed.

Parting surface - Shut Off & Exclude loops
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:51 AM GMT+7)

 Using Shut Off to create parting surfaces without selected loops

Parting surface - Extend Curve and Fill Loops
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:50 AM GMT+7)

 Using Extend Curve and Fill Loops in parting design

Locate reference part and create workpiece
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:49 AM GMT+7)

 Efficient way to assemble reference part and create workpiece

Import Conductor Information
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:48 AM GMT+7)

 From Creo Parametric 3.0 M040 it is possible to import conductor information using an eda file.

Volume Milling based Quasi-Trochoidal toolpath (PTC Live Global 15)
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:46 AM GMT+7)

 A trick to define a toolpath with a shape similar to a trochoidal, using the regular Volume Milling step and the recently implemented "stay on surface" mechanism.

Using Import Profiles for Multi-CAD Designs (PTC Live Global ’15)
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:37 AM GMT+7)

 In this tutorial you will learn about the impact and how to create and use import profiles in PTC Creo 3.0. This video shows how to create an import profile including some impactful options. PTC Creo 3.0 has the ability to use format specific profiles for CATIA, Siemens NX and SolidWorks.

Duplicating surfaces using Flexible Move (PTC Live Global ’15)
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:36 AM GMT+7)

 A tip to duplicate multiple surfaces on model efficiently.

Evaluating Playback Results for Collisions
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:35 AM GMT+7)

 You can evaluate playback results to find collisions in the analysis of your mechanism designs.

Applying Gravity
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:34 AM GMT+7)

 Use gravity to simulate the effect of a gravitational force on the motion of your mechanism.

Creating Shut Offs
(Đăng ngày 29-10-2015 7:29 AM GMT+7)

 In this procedure, you create shut offs by closing all internal loops, by specifying loops, and by capping open loops.