Simulate 4.0

Tutorial Weld Connection Improvements in Creo Simulate
(Đăng ngày 2-10-2017 6:43 AM GMT+7)

 Weld features are automatically detected.

Tutorial Adjusting Models in Creo Simulate Is Easier with Flexible Modeling
(Đăng ngày 2-10-2017 6:40 AM GMT+7)

 Flexible Modeling tools are available in Creo Simulate. There is also a new Remove tool.

Improvements to Contact User Interface
(Đăng ngày 2-10-2017 6:38 AM GMT+7)

 You can automatically detect contacts within a component.

Tutorial Analysis and Design Study Experience Is Overhauled
(Đăng ngày 2-10-2017 6:36 AM GMT+7)

 Diagnostics can be filtered and are easier to understand.